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Breaking silence

I've been in the shadows for some time, reading messages but never responding, and not putting up any messages myself. I did have a presence on this forum a while ago but deleted my account when things became unpleasant, and my own life was so bad that I couldn't bear to read all the bitterness. I was previously ArdenX but I've rejoined with a new name. I've been in a pretty dark place for a while now, but now I'm feeling strong enough to dip a toe in and say hi. I've been off work with stress for a lot of 2013, but with support from my family and a few really good friends I feel I can get back to work - I just have to find the inner strength to tackle the horrible bullying culture in my office. I've also started taking Citalopram and I am finding it really helpful, I am no longer tearful and anxious all the time.

Anyway, this is just a little note to introduce myself, and I may soon feel able to join in the chat etc.

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Nice to see you back , I do remember you :-)

The site now has Administrators so you have no worries & hope you will feel more comfortable to join in :-)

I am really pleased to read you have been making progress :-)

Thank you for your introduction :-)





Hi and welcome back:)

I'm pleased that you feel alittle better and stronger.

It was unpleasant, I was on the receiving end of some of that unpleasantness but thanks to a few very nice people on here,I was persuaded back:) As whywhy has said we have some very good admins on here, so you will be safe:) xxx


Hi, I remember you too. Good to see you back, all is calm here now :)

Glad to hear you're feeling a little stronger & the citalopram is helping.

Take care



Hi, it's nice to hear you feel able to speak up now. You've grown in confidence and well done. I'm glad to hear you're feeling stronger and able to return to work. Good luck with that

Take care x


Hi Whitebear,

Welcome back, with our new Admin. this site is helpful, lots of support and good advice and friendly.

Glad to hear you are feeling stronger.

Eunice xx


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