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morning everybody

Hi all :)

Why is it that when the weather is foul my little westie goes nuts to go out for a walk, it's blowing a gale and raining but he still had to go. Anyway on a more serious note how are we all today I hope everyone is well.

Kenny :D

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Morning ken,

It's windy down here too. Took the dogs for a good walk this morning... It was freezing!!!

Glad to be by the fire :))


Morning Kenny

I'm working at home today thank goodness but I've done the school run and it's scary out there. It's recycling bin day today and people with not much common sense have put the boxes out without lids on so most of their recycling is in my garden! Grrr hope you are well love eve x


It is getting a bit brighter here but the wind is still gusty. Our bins are tomorrow thankfully.


All our wheelie bins have moved, I've got a broken solar lamp that was on the outside table and the 8' f trampoline is on it's side!!!


I have two huge trees in my side garden about 20m tall I was rather concerned about them coming down on top of the house.


Think I need to go check that daughter trampoline is still in the garden!:)


Hi Yummi.

I think you mean next doors garden lol.


HI Kenny x Its very windy here in county Durham x there's a lot of wheelie bins flying around not to mention a few other things like trampolines x Hope it dies down soon x Donver xx


It looks like you Thompson and me are all in the same area I'm down the road on Teesside hopefully it will be moving south during the afternoon.


I can confirm it's been very windy In Co. Durham, had to turn around twice on my way to parent's house because of fallen trees blocking the roads :o Thankfully it seems to be calming down a little, home safe & sound now :)

Hope everyone is ok



hi Kenny, live in Washington, its been very bad around here, got wheelie bins lying all over the place, plastic bags in the trees, just a mess, never mind, all safe and well, hope your ok . xx


Hi Jasper.

I don't think it knows what to do, one minute throwing it down the next its sunny. I hope you and your good lady are well.

take care Kenny


Hi Kenny

Sort of snowy here outside the house of shame.

Hope you are having a nice day. I am waiting for my life to get better just now.


Hi Angel.

So nice to see you again I really hope you are feeling better, we were all very concerned about you yesterday. Aren't you lucky getting snow already before you know it you will be out building snowmen. Take good care and wrap up warm :D

Kenny xxxx


Terrible here !

Fence down :-o

Hope it calms down soon !





Hello Mrs.

I'm surprised to see you up and about so soon :) I thought you would be still in bed dreaming of Mr I am lol :D


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