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My body was kind of twitching.. What the? :(

Last night around mid night i wanted to go to bed because i'd had an exhausting day, i was running all day lol

So i got in bed and i was cold so i covered up.. And you know how when you wake up (some of you?) and you stretch while you're in bed, and you stretch your legs out & they like have that weird feelin or whatever.. My legs were like that & the feeling is also like when you're cold and you shiver.. My legs were shivering i guess.. Not too bad but still, & my mind was wandering. So i couldn't go to sleep, i was too freaked out.

So i went down stairs & called my buddy & just told him to occupy me, so i don't think about it.. I still felt twitchy, but i managed to lay down on the couch(sofa) and calm myself down & fell asleep for an hour then woke up & i felt better so i went upstairs & now here i am.. I don't feel twitchy anymore but i'm still like.. Worried.

Like, in my head i still feel kinda anxious.

What should i do to calm down?

Should i go to the Doc?

I'm gona lose it if i keep thinking about it.

Ahhhh. Im scared it might happen again. Does anyone know what I'm talking about at all?!

Help please :\

I'm gona breathe deeply & tell myself to shut up& that I'm okay & that i just overworked myself yesterday & had too much caffiene.

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I am sorry you are struggling at the moment

Anxiety can feel very scary when we are going through bad times & the more we fear it the more we feel anxious

Its not easy but with practice we can recognize the symptoms as anxiety & nothing bad will happen which makes the fear less & the anxiety doesn't take control , but this does take time

I would definitely go & see your GP , it sounds like you could do with their support

They have heard it all before so don't be afraid to tell them everything ,just like you have in your post

Some of us even write down what we want to say & if we struggle pass it them to read

Make that appointment & let us no how you go on





Hi Vicky :)

I think the shaking you describe in your legs are just spasms, it just where the muscles contract sometimes when they are over worked. I know what you're talking about when you stretch at night too, the same things happen for me - I'll wake up in the middle of the night and then I'll just go for a casual stretch, and I'll suddenly feel this agonizing pinch in my calf muscle and I'll have to wait for what seems like forever (even though it's just a few seconds), for the pain to subside. Please don't worry, I'm sure it's nothing. :) And if it happens again, don't worry, what you describe is completely normal.

I think we can misinterpret normal bodily sensations for something else a lot and it causes anxiety. But remember anxiety in itself causes different physical feelings and that includes shaking. So (and I know it's easy for me to say), try not to think about, because in thinking about it you become anxious and you notice it happening.

If the feelings of worry and anxiety persists then, as whywhy says, definitely go and speak to your doctor about it. Seeing the doctor doesn't mean taking medication either. :)

Hope this helps. (And remember what I said, forget about the muscle spasm!)

Big (((Hugs)))

wanderingwallflower :) xxxx

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