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Feelin worried.. Maybe im just tired?

Hey guys!

Good evening.. It's mid night here.. I'm feelin kinda worried my hearts beatinh fast but i think its coz im over thinking things.. I got spooked coz i thought there was a ghost in my bro's room so idk.. & i had cereal i feel full & i hate that feelin' so im like thinkin somethin is wrong lol

Today has been exhausting i've been runnin all day.. I'm just gona goto bed. When it's too quite i hear ringing & it drives me CRAZY so i have to turn on music lol

Well goodnight :) xoxo


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I hope you managed to get some sleep

The ringing you hear when its all quite , you don't suffer with tinnitus do you ?

I no when ever I have done to much or am over tired that's when my anxiety can creep up on me

Hope you feel a lot better today :-)





Hi how are you feeling today...was just thinking generally in life how many times each day does someone say how are you? we feel compelled to say, yes good thanks when alot of the time we're far from least on this site you can speak the truth...Chris xx


I finally got some sleep around 2:30 am


Have you had any CBT Therapy or medication for your anxiety? I currently have anxiety and depression and I receive CBT Therapy and medication just been reduced to 30mg Mirtzazapine due to increase in weight. I found CBT very helpful as you learn that our thoughts affect how we feel which affects our behaviour.


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