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lie detector

I'm being accused of "grassing" someone up for benefit fraud. this person has stood in my place of work and told customers that I am a grass, she has convinced her family members and is even trying to convince my OH that I have. I am far from whiter than white I have done things in my passed which I have readily held my hands up to and I have no doubt my future will be full of mistakes I am not perfect and never claimed to be. HOWEVER I can say this is one thing I DID NOT DO. now I'm not bothered what other people think, this woman herself is not exactly high on my list of things to worry about although I have decided that a harassment order might be put in place if she turns up at my place of work and starts shouting her mouth off again. my OH says he profoundly believes in me and has never questioned me over it, but I feel like I have to prove to HIM it wasn't me that did report her to the point I've even considered buying a lie detector test. its driving me crazy my head hurts constantly from the stress and the more and more I think about it the more I am desperate to prove my innocence. I am even considering suing her for slander I am that wound up about it! HHHEEEELLLLPPP!!

oh and I should mention that this woman has also attempted to report me to social services and failed miserably she is one evil witch!!

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What a horrid person, ask yourself this question. Why am I wasting my time and energy being angry at this person?

You know you didn't do it and your partner knows you didn't do it. You don't need to prove it to any one Hun:)

She is not worthy of your time, so try your very best to delete it from your mind,it will only bring you down. If she does continue with it,then I would tell your employer what is going on,hopefully he/she will put a stop to her coming in to your place of work. Hope you sort it. Hugs x

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thankyou my OH has said the exact same thing. I don't hate her tbh I feel sorry for her all the customers were laughing at her the other night and asking me if I was okay. I just cant stand the thought of him doubting me and if there is the slightest chance she gets into his head I will be crushed :( wish I could prove it wasn't me and make it all go away but I cant because of stupid red tape at hmrc ....


To be honest I doubt anyone will take this woman seriously if she turns up at your workplace and starts shouting. Sensible, trustworthy people don't do that. Obviously it's annoying for you if she's behaving like that, but I wouldn't worry about anyone believing her!

In any case, if someone is claiming benefits fraudulently, there is nothing wrong with reporting them. Benefit fraud gets all claimants a bad name—there are lots of people who genuinely have to claim benefits, but they get called scroungers because of the minority who claim illegally.


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