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A pot to pee in

Hiya all... I have a thing I do because of the anxiety and because I want to avoid my housemates. I've not been able to tell anyone and I have no idea how ridiculously unacceptable if might be. Basically I have a bucket in my bedroom that I wee in. Only wee. I empty if every day or - when I'm very bad - every other day.

The thing is when I'm anxious I wee a lot every 30 - 15 mins. And in between I often think about needing to go. I've had all the tests, I'm not diabetic or anything. Just anxious.

One of my housemates is a good friend, the others I don't think much of. I really do hide in my room until I know the hall is clear. I don't even go in the kitchen if I think they're there. I hate being a hermit but chit chat is exhausting.

I just wondered if anyone out there does anything remotely similar. Hope I've not grossed you out.


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You poor thing!

Not grossed out here, just so sorry that your anxiety has got you to this situation. To me, the problem's not the bucket - that's just your temporary solution to your problem - the problem is that you need proper help to bring you back to a more normal "weeing pattern". Have you been doing this for a long time, or is it a fairly recent development?


Just about whenever I travel out if town I know where every toilet is as I am such a piddler!!!!

Don't know if you are young or old but sometimes pelvic muscle exercises can help this problem. Have a look on Google for those.

I do sympathise with you and am not grossed out... sad you are ion this situation though. Julie xx


Hi there,

*hugs* i know what it must have took for you to confess this, and no worries, I don't think you've grossed anyone out.

I understand what its like to want to avoid people. When I was living in a dorm, I used to hide out in my room, cos I wanted to avoid my dorm mates. I used to even keep food in my room, so I wouldn't have to go out to the pantry and face them. I got myself a boiler jug too, so I could make tea in my room. So I know the feeling of chit chat being exhausting, and wanting to avoid them.

Do you wee alot because you drink alot, which the anxiety then makes worse? Perhaps you could cut down on liquids. Are there en-suite rooms in the house? Could you maybe swap with a housemate for an en-suite room? If none of these steps are feasible, one method that I've always a big advocate of is to try things out in baby steps, and set small goals for ourselves along the way leading up to a big goal. You say you need to wee every 15-30 mins. Why not start trying to see if you can wait for 45 mins? If you can make it, then increase it to 1 hour, and so on, until needing to go isn't constantly on your mind, and you can go back to a normal pattern. You can keep the bucket for when you really need to go, but please do try to make it a habit to empty it out more often. My concern for you is more of the hygiene aspect of the arrangement. I don't think its very healthy to keep a chamber pot in a room.

Good luck!


Hi.I found anxiety can affect us all different at different times.To some extent anxiety does try to make us all prisoners in our own home.I know that feeling you have, but I dont get it all the time.A big lesson I learnt about anxiety is just how important it is to break the anxiety early on to prevent is spiralling out of control and into panic attack etc or even spilling over into the next day.RR can I ask if you are finding it hard to go into public places? As you can see from my profile, I have PTSD and most of the servicemen I was on a Combat Stress course with all suffered from not being able to be in public places or amongst people when they would have to talk.Its like the fight or flight kicks in and we look for escape routes even though there is no threat really.I really love how effective our bodies are, maybe too effective.It sounds unrealistic, but once you get out the house, you will find you were worrying unecessary.I hope you may have a good friend you can talk to or another person who understands you.They will help you get out, go somewhere to relax.It will be easier then.We're all with you.Take good care xxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi all thanks so much for your replies. Really helps xxx


I was actually planning to do this because I don't like that my neighbor on the other side of the wall can hear me go to the bathroom. I also have to pee a lot. I never thought that it might be anxiety, but that makes sense. Anyhow, I have been embarassed at how much I have to go to the bathroom to the point that I was thinking of peeing in a bucket at least in the night. There have been times that because I went to the bathroom in the night, I could hear that I woke them up and I don't want to bother them like that. I also don't like that I can hear them from the bathroom and sometimes I've gone in there and havent' wanted to hear what I can hear. Then I come back and have anxiety about what I've heard. So I was literally searching for a way to pee in a pucket maybe from like a camping site or something and came across your post. I'm 100% OK with doing it, not worried about what it means for me. I embrace the idea because I think you have to do what you have to do to get on with your life. Your housemates might not like it, but I think you can get lids for buckets (one of the things I was searching for) and so you could just put it in your closet until they aren't around and dump it later. I really think if you are able to dump it every day that it won't cause too much of a problem. I know they make bio packs you can put in it too that make it so it's not creating a terrible smell. I personally don't like the smell of that worse than the smell of pee, so I'll probably just do that. But it might be good for you so your housemates aren't asking you what's going on.


found it! check this out:


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