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ocd cleaning wars

HI all, wow this programme on channel 4 is shocking !!! I can understand that those of us with ocd are happy with there rituals and such and tbh if it is,nt hurting anyone carry on x I have some ocd but in a different form, things having to have places and grouped in numbers, my poor hubby is always getting wrong for silly things due to it x

Then we have the other side, with hoarders and such, hoarding as I see it is as much a physiological problem as anxiety and ocd, the obsession with not throwing things away I suppose makes it ocd in some ways x But then you get the two meeting , and they argue over living in a certain way, no i agree its not nice t live is a crap hole as a way of putting it x but its there way of living at the end of the day x no one should live by someone's else s rules just as it makes them feel better xx rant over :) how are we all??? xx

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Evening Donver,

Yes I watched OCD cleaning wars, strange programme when you think about it. As long as no one is hurting anyone live how you want to I say. The good thing is it does high light mental health issues which has got to be a good thing and educated people in these disorders.

Right am off downstairs now for a herbal tea lol. Hope you are well.



Im fine ty xx looking forward to my next session of cbt tomorrow x :) i agree with you completely regarding the above xx enjoy your tea x


I think we are all slightly obsessive in some ways it's when it takes over your life it can cause problems. My husband has OCD and obsessive traits and sometimes he can be difficult to live with but none of us are perfect and we have to show empathy and understanding


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