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Good Morning, :-)

Good Morning, :-)

Morning everyone, how are you all, hope your having a nice start to the morning, a new week a new month.

Haven't been on in awhile and missed talking to you all, sorry I haven't posted on everyone's comments I try to do as much as I can, joined in with everything else at home. been focusing on going out and I made it out for Halloween, only for 5 or 10 minutes but talking to strangers at the doors and waiting around, I did quite well and both me and my ds enjoyed it very much :-) made a huge step in my eyes a couple of days ago and made it half way to my local park, haven't been able to do that in a month! so feeling positive about that.

Its a shame some people have felt the need to leave on here, and I hope maybe sometime they will be back, your friendships mean a lot and whatever it is your doing I wish you the best with it and sending you positive thoughts, thankyou for all the help everyone gives on this site, it really does mean a lot.

Everyone have a lovely day

Much Love


Just a little update,,

I managed to get out for my exposure :-) made it just around the corner from the park, which I haven't been able to do for months, also on the way back I kept walking and I made it around the block which last time I tried I had a panic because I haven't achieved that in so long either, I must say I am proud of myself today :-) got anxious but tried to keep calm and continue without rushing home, took my mind off it by taking a video of my walk and some pictures, it really did distract my mind and I carried on until I was home, even stopping for 5 minutes with my pooch. beautiful walk in the sunshine and I feel much more positive :-)

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Hi Michelle very well done for making it out for Halloween. Little steps rI've g achievements for u and is the best way forward. I forced myself to go down the road to the bingo last yr as I hadn't been out the house for months. I cud only walk to my mom's which is 10 mins down the road and to take the boys to school which is by my moms. I wud which is really a panic attack but still had to do it. The first time at the bingo was hard. 10 mins there I had to take a diazipan and I was panicking. I sat outside untill the diazapan had kicked in then went back in. It was like that for the first few times. Then nuthing. I still cudnt walk into a night club and I'm not bothered about them anyway.

It is a shame members have left but since I've been on here since last yr ive seen a few arguments. I can understand y some of the main people we all love have felt the need to leave. Enuf is enuf and it does send ur anxiety up more. I haven't red thou the posts for that reason. All I know is some people I highly respect have had enuf and le which is really sad news xxx


What a nice little dog you have - a real dog-shaped dog - What's he/she called?

Well done on getting out and about just that little bit further - I enjoy taking photos when we're out walking too.


Hi donna, I do forget it takes time to feel sort of comfortable with it, I expect if I go out once, to feel great the next time, each step is a accomplishment :-)

Thankyou blorengia, she is called maya, say it like my-a, she is a husky x springer spaniel, little energy bunny she is but love her to bits, thankyou:-) I do too then I can go home and have a proper look and see the beauty, I love autumn and all the lovely colours, miss most of it when im out because im too focused on other things lol xx


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