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Dear All,

I haven't written many blogs over the past fews weeks. I am not always sure of what to write. i am trying to write to see what comes out.

I am rough or struggling. I had many panic attacks last night and slept approx. one hour although i slept around three hours this pm. I am currently feeling a little tearful, or there is a mild hint of it. It feels nice to write these things.

I have been struggling over the past fews weeks or maybe months. I am largely unemployed, although I do have a six hour a week job, with little money. My wonderfull parents are supporting me financially .

I wish everyone a great week.

lots of hugs,

Marcus xxx


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Hi Marcus, I used to feel I could never write blogs, as the words seemed to escape me, or not really make sense when i wrote them down. Then I started to write as if there was only me in the world would see it, putting down all I felt, the hurt and anguish the pain the sensations of each panic attack, and it started to make sense. Now I generally come on and write about anything and everything, from what a day I have had to what's on the tv. The banter between myself and these wonderful people on this site makes it all so worthwhile x I think there are times when we all struggle and its so much less pressure when we share this amongst us. It makes us feel.... well just not alone.

Sorry to hear you are having so many p attacks at this moment x They are the most frightening things I have ever experienced. Try to relax through them and keep telling yourself one day they will go. We all live in hope x They say panic strikes in the night due to things praying on our minds x try to write it all down and get it off your chest before you go to bed. I have what I call a rant book and I really go to town in it x bring the world to justice. Hope tomorrow brings a better day xx Donna


Dear Donna,

Thank you for your empathy, your advice and your encouraging words.

I appreciate them. Thank you.

Have a nice evening and a good day tomorrow


Marcus xx


Your welcome x Hope tomorrow is good for you to x


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