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Attention seekers

One of my of my colleagues is driving us mad. She had always been an attention seeker, but she is getting worse. We had a collection because she as supposed to have pneumonia and the following week I saw her shopping. She's always the centre of attention. Whatever you've done she's done it better. I was I'll with swine flu last year but of course she got it worse.

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I think we all know someone like that Holly. They are really annoying aren't they? I usually wind them up but that's probably not the best solution. :)

Bev xx


Ah yes... one of those people who's always done it, but done it better than you... and if they haven't done it they tell you why it's not worth doing anyway. ;)


My pet hate is when I buy something and some idiot says - oh you could have got it cheaper there...I did! Grrrrrh

bev xx


There's always one isn't there among a group of people. When I was a kid if I got something,( and we didn't have heaps of money), a kid down the road always got just about the same thing. I can remember how annoying it was and that would be 55 years ago!!! Haha.

I just don't buy into these people's conversations and turn it around to another subject.

Hang on in there, someone will outdo her soon..... Julie xx


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