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Cookie is in chaos

Cookie is in chaos

Hi everyone,

I have not been here for a while due to being busy dealing with packing. Moving on Friday and I can't blooming wait.

I can't believe I have packed the house feeling how I do on this intense treatment. I've never felt so rotten in my puff.

I can't eat, keep retching even in public, very embarrassing as it ain't quiet lol., my eye lids are red, itchey and sore all the time. I'm constantly exhausted and every muscle aches. All I can keep down is them weetabix biscuits and resource drinks 3 times a day. I tried fish and chips last night but that didn't stay down, I was gutted, literally lol.

I've decided that if this round of treatment doesn't work, I am not going back for seconds. I'm not going through this again. It's taking ages to type this as my hands keep going numb. I look a state and feel a state and am trying so hard to be positive.

I keep getting this inner rage that is worse than anything I've experienced. My nurse said it was coz of the Ribervirin, called Ribi rage lol.

I'm such a pussy when it comes to taking pills so the 24 a day is a mish. So is having blood tests every week, and injections in my belly, I'm bruised to buggery.

I hope all my friends on here, and those I have yet to make, are bearing up as best you can.

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Hello :-)

Lovely to see a Cookie post on here , how I miss them :-)

Love the pic ,I would have liked the one of someone that had packed themselves up or the cat that is going to school trying on their uniform :-D

Loved that , but need to ask , why has that cat got a brown nose & to be careful how you answer it :p

I am sorry this treatment is making you feel so bad , yet reading your post , I can still hear that sense of humor in there , dont let it have that will you :-)

I dont no what to say , except dont think about if it doesnt work , think when it does work !

Oh I care so much & wish you wasnt going through this & you are brave a lot braver than I flipping am , you really are !

I am really pleased you have this move to look forward to , something positive :-)

Wondering if all your stuff is going to fit in this new place as you seem to have been packing for ages , or is that because you have been getting carried away & packing yourself now & again :-D

I am always here for you , even though I feel this answer has been no use at all except to say how much I really care about you :-)





Hi Cookie.

Its so nice to see you back on the site :) I'm so sorry to hear that your treatment is causing you so much unpleasantness I really hope it is worth it and you get better, the time you've been missing you could have packed ( Buckingham Palace) :O lol. I hope your move goes well and you are happy in your new home your going to have to keep an eye on all the kitties or they will abscond and go back to your old home. Try to keep your chin up and be positive I'm sure you will come out the other side a winner.

all the best Kenny xxx


Ah cookster..... so sorry youre having such a crap time....... but I hope it will be worth it ......

Ive missed your humour..... I hope the move is a sign that life will start to get a little better for you!!

Sending lots of hugs.............

Ker xx


Hi Cookie, sorry to hear your having such a horrid time with these meds, you must be one tough Cookie to get all your packing done feeling so ill ! Good luck with the move hope all goes well :)

Mimii xx


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