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In panic mode

Hi,it's been a while as I have been feeling not to bad ,but went to doctors yesterday and she also confirmed what I thought was a lump in my breast, 2 cm long.i have to wait at least 2 weeks to see a specialist and I am so worried,what happens if its cancer,that's been my health anxiety for 3 years now cancer,I'm 45 .I can't stop crying ,I've been prescribed. Diazepam to calm me down,but why should a woman have to wait all that time for an appointment ,feel like taking all the diazepam as I can't cope with this x

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Hi Scotland

Sweetheart , I can understand how this would make you feel

I suffer with health anxiety so , it would blow my mind

I am not sure how long they have to see to you with this kind of thing , even though 2 weeks does seem a long time

Women do get lumps though all the time & most of those times it ends up been cysts

don't take all the diazepam , the chances are if its nothing , then you would have wished you hadn't !

I have known many that have had lumps & its been cysts , please hang on in there , keep talking on here

Your appointment may come sooner

Wish I could say something more to make you feel better

Sending hugs





Thank you ,I'm just in bits,that's the waiting time ,think you should be seen sooner. I have known so many people die of cancer,including my 7 year old nephew,I just feel I can't cope.The doc says since my mother had multiple cysts it can be family history ,but she can't be sure,I just feel so afraid xx


I wont say don't feel afraid because of course you will , who wouldn't

The fact as well like you say you have had family with cancer is going to add to your fear

Try the best you can to stay positive , the fact you Mum suffered with cysts , there is every good chance that is what yours will be

All the females in my family end up having hystrectomies , me included , even though growths are what starts it of , none have ever been cancer , so we seem to have followed each other through the female generations

When I was waiting for that to be done I had the same fear , but it turned out just like my Grandma had & then my Mum

2 weeks will soon be here , maybe after one contact again or keep checking GP have forward your details to hospital

I no you feel you cant cope , just take each day at a time , 2 weeks will be here

Keep letting people on here support you



My poor love this happened to me 10 years ago when I was 43.... I was soooo scared as I know you must be.... BUT when I went to the breast clinic 3 weeks later the lump , which was quite big , had gone ...the doctor informed me I had bean bag boobs......bit lumpy but not dangerous (years of breast feeding)and I was at the start of the peri menopause ha ha she didn't tell me how much fun that was going to be !!! so please try and stay positive.... Will send you calm thoughts..n much love x


Thank you ,I'm just going out of my head with worry,now the diazepam is not helping me sleep so I'm am shattered,just wish the appointment would come xx


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