Does anyone wake up trembling inside and when going through anxiety attack feel cold chills up and down legs

Hi my anxiety seems to be getting worse for about 10 years I was on paroxatine and it was great last nov had a relapse so doc changed me to citalopram and diazepam been up and down like a yoyo since then have to come off diazepam and go on to pregabalin instead I want to go back on paroxatine as ii never had any side effects with it but the citalopram made me feel sick to start with and because I have a phobia of being sick doc gave me anti sickness pills which helped but now I think I need to take them all though my body would be used to citalopram by know I'm fed up getting worse.


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  • HI citralopram did not agree with me at all i had constant mirgaines and feeling so sick and i also fear being sick so really feel for you. i changed to prozac and have been on it for two years now, of course it has its side effects as they all do but much more manageable. if its really making you suffer that much you really need to try another med. the symptoms you get up and down your body i also get, from so hot to so cold very quickly tingling up and down, its quite unnerving. i used to always wake up trembling and hated it but i got myself into a routine and it subsided. x

  • Thanku going to docs monday so sort it out hopefully x

  • I'm on no medication and I wake up trembling and with a racing heart quite often.

  • I often feel shaky & trembly in the legs and arms when I'm having a bad day with anxiety, I think its an effect of having too much cortisol going round your body. Hope you can get sorted.

  • Hi there

    I've just been reading your post. I was on paroxatine for about seven years and decided to try coming off it because I felt so good. I took no meds for a few months and did really good then boom the anxiety was back. I am now back on paroxatine (4 months in) started at 10mg then 20mg felt much better but not quite back to myself. I have just started on 25mg (2nd day) and I really believe it will help. If the paroxatine helped before I think it is good to try again. I really hope you find something to help. :)

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