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Talking to a brick wall!

Do you ever get a feeling that it feels like your talking to a brick wall? Last week I had to called Little-woods to sort out a issue over my trainers being rubbish and me paying alot for them each month. Well called Little-woods last Wednesday and spoke to someone who said ' I will ask someone to collect the parcel tomorrow' so I waited and nothing happened over 3 days. I then emailed Little-woods and got told ' Sorry we can't collect but you can post it back to us at a huge cost to me!' They also won't remove trainers off the bill until they get them off me! So I've got to spend more cash on this to line their pockets. I did lose my temper at this point!

I ended up having a huge tension headache and feeling so angry. I know it's over nothing but right now money is so low and I can't believe Little-woods are being this way but they don't care, it's a business !

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Sorry to hear Littlewoods are being horrid about the return of your trainers.

Perhaps you could try reading their Returns Policy to see if there's something in there which can help you. Very often vendors try to take advantage of those who may not know their rights, and if you actually cite a particular term within the Return Policy which obliges them to pick up the item from you at their cost, they'll have no choice but to back down. You can also check if there is a review or customer feedback section and leave your comments there. Online vendors depend alot on customers feedbacks and reviews, so if they get a negative review, that may spur them on to do something about it.

If the Returns Policy isn't in your favour, I'm afraid you may have gotten stuck with the short end of the straw. Don't despair if that's the case. Think of it as a life's lesson and an experience - do what you have to do to move on with it. Life's too short to be spent arguing with unscrupulous people, and if that's the way they want to conduct their business, well, they won't get very far.



The returns policy has changed such a lot over the years , with most companies , but no doubt in the small print it will be there saying you have to pay postage , even though it may be wrong !

As things are now , I think if they do refund you , you will have done well , & I suppose until they get the item back they cant as not everyone is as honest as you & some may say they were sending them back & then wouldnt , I am sure as soon as they receive them they will be took of your statement

I would maybe give it a couple of weeks as they should have them back by then & if they dont seem to have been refunded , phone them again !

Make sure you post them asking for proof of postage , other wise if they say they havnt received them back , you would have no proof that you had

Hope your tension headache has eased , I no how annoying this can be





Well I had to call them back today and I got told they called off the first pick up due to demand on their driver! So now tomorrow they claim they will pick up the parcel and it will take 14 days for a full refund on the shoes. I can hope they finally turn or if not, they told me I can post them to them for free from some shops who do collect pick ups.


Oh dear

Well try & stay positive , I no its hard but sounds like you will get the refund

I once returned some trainers that were faulty & they refused to refund them & I had to send them back to head office & what a performance , went on for weeks & weeks , eventually I got a refund !

Let us no how you go on



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