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Miserable saturdays x

Hi all, how are we all?

Well im back on board my virtual ship continuing on my journey thru the murky anxiety ridden waters looking for the tropical island that we call freedom :)

Today the weather is miserable, wet and cold. And its also boring. These are the days I get frustrated and need to escape. Alas not quite there yet.

Holiday countdown is going quickly 13 days :/ no compromise met by me n hubby as to me checking out. So at the mo that means I'm going. It can change lol. My therapist suggested as my ha is new If I got my doctor to run a basic m.o.t i would maybe have my mind put at ease a little for my holiday.I mean a ecg ain't gonna hurt is it lol. So I rang to ask and the receptionist said no Im a hypochondriac:/ I can have a phone call off the doctor on wednesday and nothing more. So my hubby to the rescue once again come monday:)

My appointment with my cbt therapist is cancelled next week as she is going on holiday, typical. So I see no one now till the mental health team on the following monday, hopefully im not stamped insane and shipped off lol.

Well that's my boring day x Hope yours are all better x Donver x

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Hi donver

Well the ship is still sailing thats the main thing :-)

I am quite pleased with myself today , I am not answering everything & I have got all my ironing done , tea in oven so much earlier than last week , which shows what I can do ,if i stick to my plan & looking forward to the TV

Still have my worries but trying to ignore them & enjoy the day

Oh you do have a good hubby & look there he is he may not understand , but he is still going to go to the rescue for you on Monday :-)

Is there anything you could have for a treat ?

Why not do what I am doing today & think I am leaving all the problems & worries , will face & think about them next week , when & if I have to :-)

Hope you have a nice evening :-)





Hi whywhy,

I am sailing on happily:) ty x

Well done on your day, sounds like its been very organised and productive :) tv tonight is good for me as I like the x factor now we have gone live lol.

I am trying to ignore the niggles, I suppose its like any habit, hard to break but you get there with perseverance.

Ah my hubby brill x I should buy him a cape lol. He may like it to much though:) I am having a treat with some after 8 mints he bought me while I watch x factor.

Hope you have a enjoyable evening x :)

Donna xx


Dear Donna,

What a good hubby you've got there. I'm sure that doctor's administrators are a selective breed. Bred with limited understanding, certainly on how difficult mental health can be. I suppose it's just like the rest of society who don't suffer and don't try to understand. Good luck for Monday


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