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Getting annoyed - unwanted thoughts

Hi, I have been struggling with anxiety for over 2 years. Sonetimes I get good and bad days as like everybody else. The thing that annoys me I must say (even though the anxiety symptoms are a pain ) is the negative unwanted thoughts. I keep getting thoughts that something bad is going to happen, I feel this prevents me leaving my home or even trying to enjoy my day.

I want to know does anybody else experience this and if so how do you deal with it?

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Yes I get them & they started when I was very young as I believe even as a teenager I had anxiety

I would walk past a grate & would have to walk back again or my head would say something bad would happen , either to me or a loved one

I went through a stage where I would have to flush the chain so many times , I would have to look under the bed so many times , the list goes on , all because of the same thoughts

As I have got older it has formed part of my OCD , as now if I dont do certain things , the anxiety part of my brain will still tell me something bad will happen to me or my family

Now the sensible side knows this is anxiety & nothing will ,but when the anxiety side takes over , well thats another story

I did have some counselling & part of it was looking at this

They are irrational thoughts , brought on by fear which then turns into anxiety , then fear & round in a circle it goes

So its about breaking this pattern , which is not easy

I still have to work on it , but to start with I had to once a week , when I got a thought not act on it , so if I had a thought if I do or dont do this something bad will happen I had to carry on regardless

At first it was very difficult & my anxiety went up , but the more I practiced the easier it got & slowly you can break this pattern

I talk out loud & I can here myself saying Stop it , this is anxiety & a load of rubbish !

It works , even though people around me look at me as if I am mad when I am talking to myself , but I am used to that anyway :-/

Try , even if its just once a week to start with , when you get a thought to still do what you were going to & the less fear we give them , the less control they have over us

You can come on here & say how you have managed & everyone will support you

I have to remember , that no matter what , life will happen & even when sometimes something has happened & I want to blame it on the fact I didnt do what my head was saying do or dont do , that it would have happened any way

Its not easy , but you can do it

Maybe if you think it would help see your GP , some counselling might benefit you with this as well

Let us no how you go on





I get these thoughts a voice in my head I always think something bads going to happen. When logically I know it's not


Thank you guys for sharing how you feel on wasn't so bad in regards of unwanted thoughts as whywhy7 said I told myself each time a negative thought entered my mind STOP! it helped a little but i guess its something that I have to keep doing and then eventually the neg thoughts will reduce.

Do you guys have mood swings along with negative thoughts?


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