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Struggling to come terms with leaving, my job

Its really hard for me to believe what I've done, cos worked so hard to get a job on, my door step, Ive had lots of time yo think and that should word pops up time and ti me again. I should have given it more time, I should of looked at the positives, easy job, close to home, my, boss was the only negative. But I didn't see all this until after ive done it.

my ex collegues used to moan but they have stuck with it, I think that I took on too much of their negatives. It's a brand new store and they have rode through it, why didn't I.?

It seems like it was someone else's decided and not me. I have been broken by it, cos I can never get it back it was never meant to be like this, I was supposed too be settled in my job. And moving forward.

Can't get my head around it C

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Oh Celest

I do feel for you , I no how much this has affected you

You seem to be adding to the pain by all the "what if's"

We have all made the wrong choices at times & I no its hard when we do , but you need to try & as hard as it is accept that its happened & you cant get it back but you will when the time is right get something else & you will learn from this experience

I no you think you have lost the perfect job at the moment but you dont no what else is going to come along & it could be even better & you may see a reason why this happened & you gave this one up !

Please try not to keep thinking & looking back , I no its not easy , but while you do you will struggle to move forward & give yourself so much pain

Something good will come your way I no it will :-)





A negative boss can make such a difference as they can have such power and when they weild that power negatively even if unintentionally it can have a devasting effect. Try and take the positives from this. You did try it for a while . Others also moaned about the job but you were the one to cut your losses. You now need to give yourself time to make yourself strong again. Our health be it mental or physical is so important. Think what you enjoy doing amd try and do some of these things. Take small steps Gradually you will realize that it wasn't the job for you and hopefully other more productive opportunities will come along..

I wish you well in your future. Please let us know what happens.


I'm sorry you feel this way but never compare yourself to others! We are all different. Maybe they are less sensitive, have thicker skin etc.. You're experienced so maybe you find a new job easier. I know it all hurts because I gave up a course. but my ex course director keeps on sending me emails reg the course and even some pictures where I should be too. but I was weak and gave up but it belongs to the past.. lets not torment ourselves !


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