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I'm here for a rant! Went to pick my 7 yr old up from school and the teacher had me in for a word. Ur going to have to put sandwiches in Ben's lunchbox as chocolate is no good for him. I was like excuse me my son only eats maccies, kfc and chocolate. I've took him to doctors, health visitors and they've all said the same give him wat he likes he's young he will grow out of it. He won't eat school dinners either as I've tried it all. For the teacher to reply well I'm going to try him with a dinner and that point I was fuming. I said u oviously didn't listen to wat I've just said. I've sent him in with a prober packed lunch for a long time and he never touched it and I've sent him in with dinner money for a cooked lunch. Most the time he came out pale and with a bad head. He eats maccies, kfc and chocolate, doctor and health visitors told me the same. So if them two bars of chocolates give him that bit of energy in the day while he's at school I'm going to give it him. Rather then him come out of school feeling ill. I've sat him infront of prober meals and he won't eat them still. So if u give my son a cooked dinner and u don't let him have his chocolate tomorrow and he comes out with a bad head then I will be up here like a rocket. The school know wat he's like and they know he's got verbal depraxsia and cud have low autism. The eating part is partly to do with the depraxsia as I've been told by the child psychologist. Onetthat gets better his eating will get better. I'm just so annoyed and had to walk out because I won't have a teacher dictating to me wen they am not a doctor. Xxx

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Oh Donna

I can understand

They may have thought under most circumstances they were doing the right thing , but now you have explained to them & the fact he has been seen by your GP & health Visitor & they both agree to leave him be , they should respect that

I would also put all this in a letter & send one to the teacher & one to the head & they would be hand delivered my myself first thing in the morning , & once they had the facts in writing they would be in bother if they went against your wishes

See if you could do that , it would help

I remember once a head telling me I should let my son have the flu jab as he was always getting colds , I said as I knew she was the same age as me & had no kids , how do you actually no you would , I believe you have no children of your own to make that judgment & I suggest until then you wouldnt no what you would do until you were in that situation !

Shut her up !

Also my GP used to tell me as I did get concerned sometimes , he would grow out of it & he has , now at college everyone else tends to get things more than him & he only catches things now & again , so my GP was right after all !

Write in hun I no its time & trouble but you need it in writing & tell them to put it on their records !





Oh god some people just cant help meddling can they! My younger brother would literally only eat chips and bacon till he was 10. he 23 now, a university graduate and a strapping 6 foot 4! just goes to show they grow out of it xxxxx


Hi Donna x I know exactly how you feel x I have a 6 year old and he suffers from dyspraxia x he eats only limited foods x burgers, beans, chips, fish fingers and pizza thats his limit x we have a hard time with him and his meals at school as he wont eat pack lunch but hates school meals. We came to a understanding with the school that they would make him a special diet of what he would eat each day x they would rather him eat something than nothing x i would get a letter from you health professional to the school to state it is a recognised problem x My little boy also has to sit separately as certain foods make him wretch x Kids these days lol xx Donver x


The reacher felt she was doing the right thing but didn't bother to understand your child's circumstances or listen to your experiences. You are the one that knows your child and what he will or wont eat. I think a letter from a health professional is needed that states the consequences of him not having the chocolate to eat.

It is hard enough being a mother without being judged by people who haven'ty bothered to find out the reasons for the behaviours.


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