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cbt...well nearly cbt ;)

Made it to my cbt, after avoiding the first attempt...wasn't cbt yet, but they have recommended that I be put on the list for a 12 week programme of cbt...I should be top of the list in 8-10 weeks time - love the waiting game - and after that they also think I could use some counselling for some complicated grief that I am wilfully ignoring because I don't believe I should be feeling that grief...anyway getting somewhere at least :)

x sam

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Hi Sam

Well done in going hun :)

Well it will soon go quick & you are a step nearer

I am sure it will be a huge help & look forward to reading your posts to see how you are progressing :)





Hey Sam well done for going. I found CBT a massive help so hopefully it will do the same for you. Keep us updated with how you get on. :)


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