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No two days the same :?

hi all, well yesterday for me was a very good day x I had a day mostly to myself and kept busy ironing and doing all the little jobs i felt needed doing. I did get pestered with the neighbour for a hour which made me go into mini meltdown but soon picked up again x then we got to around 11ish and boom indigestion very very bad indigestion. I suffered until almost half 12 and then went to bed sulking. Unfortunately it woke me up at 3am and then I had a series of mini hyperventilation panic attacks worrying about why I had woken when I knew why all along.

Im normally the type who has 7 hours sleep and feels tired but functions but because of the night I had i didn't get up until almost half nine. So today I feel like crap. Partly because of the sleep thing, some because I had 10 rennie to shift my indigestion. And because I basically haven't felt right since I got a bacterial gut infection 2 weeks ago. Any way no good complaining, if i could get out the house maybe I could get to the doctors, but im stuck I just cannot get out no matter what. And he wont come here, just keeps sending the hubby home with antidepressants :/

Anyway enough moaning. Hope you all having good day x Donver

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Oh Donver

Well , I can relate here a little

After having a good day on Thursday , its been feeling really crap since

Now you with your stomach , me with this sinus thing , my mind is going into over drive & i have been to the GP , but believe she doesnt no what she is doing !

Got a mountain of ironing & still not started & have to , if i could get a grip :-/

Now the GP , not sure how he can justify not coming out , yet sending meds without seeing you :o

Believe me I have serious problems getting out & dont go very often

Now could you possibly manage it in a car to get there or a taxi , taking hubby with you

I can just do that , wouldnt be able to do it every week , but now & again when I have to go , i just do it

You could come on here & we would all help & it does help to no people are behind you , supporting you to get there

Think about it , i bet you could do it you no :-/

Well as always , at least you no you are not the only one that one day changes to another , in how you can be feeling





Hi Whywhy , seems we have both hit the proverbial buffers.

My mind is on constant overdrive, and so far nothing is shifting it. The more I try not to think the more I think !! Sorry to hear your sinuses are still playing up, antibiotics can take a while to kick in .

I to hate ironing, my hubby loves all type of cleaning and what not but he will not iron pft to him. I did it as I had no choice, need uniforms to get kids out to school monday.

I have tried gong out and always panic and hate the fact people are looking at me ( or so I think). I really had it drummed into me as a kid how useless I was and Id never be anything so I have learnt think all people are judging. It doesn't help I don't like the doctor i have.

One day it will come and hopefully soon x I appreciate all the help I get on here I get through some days by just reading others posts xx

Donver xx


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