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No, no, no, the heart?!


Hello again peeps. I've been doing pretty well until now, but I've been hit hard by symptoms again. I've got an echo coming up next week, but I'm very worried so I need some pre-test advice please.

As you can probably tell from the title of my post, I'm worried to no end! I have an echo coming up on Tuesday, but based on today/tonight's symptoms I'm now pretty convinced they're going to find something wrong with my heart. I've had a tight chest, dizziness and palpatations all day despite a good night's sleep. I even have had trouble belching - something I made the mistake of Googling in the past, and finding out it COULD be related to cardiovascular problems, including heart attacks. I'd be more ready to accept these as anxiety if that's all there was to it.

Just now when I finished eating (and earlier when I stood up out of a car) I felt a shooting, mild pain moving from my left shoulder to my hand. Suddenly felt a surge of pressure in my chest, and my heart started to pound more rapidly. The left of my chest just under the armpit mildly hurt constantly, and felt rather full. Even now, I am still experiencing discomfort in my left arm and shoudler, and tightness in my chest, a full 30 minutes after.

The pressure and pains only lasted a few seconds - 30 tops if put together - but the long-term discomfort has convinced my horrid mindset that I've had a mini heart attack or PVC and not realised. I dare not Google anything, as I have already had a very stressful day (family, health and work issues alike), so any advice is much appreciated as always!

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Hi. Daxter. Now listen. EVERY symptom you have just described I have had. Yes, honestly, that is the truth. Some years ago, at the start of my anxiety I thought I had the same as you. Heart trouble. I must have cost the NHS thousands. Went up to London, had all the tests, could find nothing wrong. Went to a private bloke (probably a millionaire by now) and he could find nothing wrong. Still didn't believe them. It took my wife to sit me down and give me a good talking to to get me to see the light. STILL get the odd problem but have learned to disregard the anxiety symptoms and accept them. Go for your tests, but if I were a betting man I would give you good odds against them finding nothing. By the way, I am, for sure, a lot older than you and I am still around!! (Unfortunately, some might say!). Keep going and good luck and let us know the results. jonathan.


I really meant 'good odds FOR them finding nothing' Sorry but as I said, I am not a betting man. j.


Hi Daxter

Looks like we are having a run of health anxiety on here today , im at it over taking a tablet !!!

You have had several ECG's all of which were fine , I am sure there is no reason why this one will be any different (easier said than done , I no )

I want to be very careful as to not say anything to give you more fear , but ...I have had several members of family that have had heart attacks & they have not had any warning , infact they all felt fine , that usually is the case , people feel fit . thats why we are suprised when we hear some one has had one

Anxiety does make your chest feel tight , mine has been getting that way , i get numbness in my hands , pains in my arm , alot is related to stress , I am sure

Also when we are anxious we dont digest our food very well , this can cause shooting pains , indegestion when bad can feel like a heart attack , it really can

Not sure if you could have managed such a full detailed blog , even with a mini heart attack ! (hope you dont mind me saying that , but sometimes it does me good when people point certain things out to me , such as that , when I am on one, can make me laugh at myself ! )

So what to do ...I have been asking myself that one today ....all i no is the more I have kept feeding my fear today , the worse it has got , so i feel i have to accept this is my fear at the moment , but its going to pass , once i have been on my tablets for a while , should be able to tick that one of my list , I do hope once you have had this next ECG , it will put your mind at ease

Sorry if this has been of no use , but at least you might see you are not on your own


Please go and see your GP and get this checked out fully. It will put your mind at rest. No one but your doctor can examine you and determine the exact cause. Best wishes

Does sound like anxiety but get ur self checked out 4 peace of mind + try not 2 worry. can b common anxiety syptoms. hav u ever bin checked out by drs? hope u feel better soon:-)

Does sound like anxiety but get ur self checked out 4 peace of mind + try not 2 worry. can b common anxiety syptoms. hav u ever bin checked out by drs? hope u feel better soon:-)

Still if u r very worried dnt hesitate 2 go a+e.

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