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First night nerves? No way!

My first shift at New Theatre went sooooooooo well. All the staff are lovely and friendly, great to meet the other volunteers too. I had the job of taking tickets and then watching Seven Brides For Seven Brothers from start to finish! I totally forgot I was working and ended up singing and clapping along haha. Before I knew it, my night was over. It's strange I felt so scared going in but really it was easy, it took my mind off things. I do have a killer cold and pulled my calf muscle but nothing can take last night away from me now.

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H cardiffgirl, great you enjoyed the first night, about 30 years ago I worked in a theatre as an usherette taking tickets etc, absolutely loved it you will have a lot of fun and get to see shows for free too :)

Well done xx

Mimii x



I had a feeling you were going to enjoy it & sounds like you had a great time :)

Didnt have to ask anyone then to turn their phones of then :-/

Sounds like this is going to really help you & your confidence :)

Well done :)





WhyWhy7 - The audience was older people who told me they can't use phones. Shame really me and my torch were ready to tell people off haha. mimii it was brilliant to be able to work in a older theatre and gain new skills too. This will help my confidence :)


Oh that made me laugh :D

You with your torch ready , well maybe next time you will be able to put your torch to good use , I can tell you are very eager for this experience , I think you will be very good as well when the time comes , I have a feeling , no one will get a phone past you :D



Well done I knew you would be fine, it's made me smile about the torch. Xxx


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