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Angry.. im I being over the top

so a big row has broken out with me and my partner, we bought a small present for his sisters birthday as we are skint and we were going to send it to her so she gets it in time, he found out the price and it could be over £6 to send a couple of pounds present. No I said if its that much forget it we will wait and give it to her, so whats he done sent it, £7 we don't have to send it. I don't even get along with all his family anyway they send my child nothing for his birthday, I don't expect anything only a card, were broke and make the effort to send a card, why cant they, same as my partners birthday, nothing, yet they can afford to go to LEGOLAND and places lol.

so now im the bad guy because im annoyed we are even tighter on cash, im gluten free diet and need food that costs a fortune, school dinners to pay just annoyed when I said no way at that price he does it anyway, Already trying to get out my overdraft.

Anxiety is surfacing being stuck with him all day now.. grrrrr

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I so know where your coming from!! I'm in the same boat, not much money coming in yet you make the effort and get nothing in return. My sister is so selfish in that respect. To be honest Hun I would calmly make your point again and then get on with your day. Don't let this get you down, you have done so well just lately. Just take your self in the garden and take some deep breathes. Try and relax Hun :) xx Hugs


Hi, yes this is a common one in our family to, but now I play them at there own game and they get a card x if I remember x they cannot be bothered to think of me for one day so why should i them x The best way is to just say to your hubby i've sent something and if the family ring to moan they got no present tell them you assumed that as none where sent you way its how they wanted it to be xx

Unfortunately we must be selfish sometimes and think of our own needs x Donver xx


glad its not just me lol, arguing still though, it has ruined my day, tried not letting it but its so draining, this happens too much it drags me down, bit depressed that the day is half way through and ive accomplished nothing:\


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