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Please go away soon!

I am hoping I feel stronger by Friday. I start a 6 months volunteer role at The New Theatre in Cardiff. I will be on my feet for a while and doing 3 shifts a month and maybe more. I don't want to feel this way when working. Right now I've got cramp in my feet and feeling sweaty, it's strange my head sweats more when my body. This Thursday I am off to Cardiff Mind to talk to them about anxiety. I just hope this all goes before I start work. I am really looking forward to it

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I relate to the feeling of my head always feeling hotter than the rest of me , my GP always says anxiety & reading your post , I feel yet again even though it can be hard to believe , it most likely is

Good luck with your new role , this could be just what you need , take it a day at a time , I am sure you can do it :)

I admire you going to talk about anxiety as well , I think there is nothing better than people been able to listen to someone that suffers , rather than just reading from a book what it is like , good luck & I hope you feel proud , you should do :)

Let us no how it all goes






Well done you!! What a positive step!! :)) I would love to stand up and talk about anxiety.

To be honest,I think you maybe too busy to even have time to be anxious!:) Just focus on the task and keep on being positive. You should be proud of yourself:) xxx


Thanks whywhy7 and yummimummy. I am really looking forward to working and having a good time, it will take stuff off my mind. Right now my eyes fell heavy (I am feeling sleepy but heavy eyes are strange) I think it one day at a time


Cardiff Mind has been called off. I have to see my doctor before my dental hospital appointment on October 8th, I am sad about it but I think I will go to Cardiff Mind next week some time


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