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Sick day x

Hi al I trust we are well xx If not completely well than slightly better than yesterday x Im having ok (filled with some tics) day. I suffered all night with really bad indigestion the type that pulls at your back and chest and squashes it until you have no choice but to burp or unladylike trump:) About 6 rennie later I got to sleep. BUt its continuing today damn thing. On plus side i didn't panic and think the worst I accepted it was what is was x This morning i woke with hot flushes and sniffles, the awful crackling feeling in my chest and aches and pains, dizziness dehydrated and a sore throat :( damn it flu season has arrived.

I then had a brief moment of returning to the inner child in me, when my hubby and i decided to break into the neighbour's garden and feed her pet rabbit hehehe. Poor thing has been in a sh*t ( sorry for language ) filled cage for weeks never cleaned out, and no food and this morning topped it off no water. So we chucked in straw and fed it cabbages and carrots lol x Lets just say she wasn't happy when she came in and noticed but hasn't said anything. I now feel yuk and think i need to go find my vickas and box of hankies xx

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Oh dear after yesterday , I was hoping you might have got up to a better day today

Hope you feel a bit better :)





ty whywhy x its a better day for definate just this bloody cold I know its coming as i have the fuzzy chest feeling xx Got my 3rd cbt tomorrow so gotta be good for that xx


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