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Feeling rather overwhelmed - housework, pet death

I have had a lot of stress with rat shows, but am trying to get to the more local ones, so I will be going to the Eltham show - very probably ratless. I'll be going on public transport, although I could manage one carrier. I have to decide whether it is in Revel's best interest to show him. He's actually happy at shows, but just not the best colour etc. He does do well at LSCMRC as a stud buck. Sapphire might make a good show rat, but i want to do some more socialisation first. There will be one person there with whom I have a lot of problems. I have to go to take something to someone, which can't be sent any other way.

I'm feeling quite shaky at present - a combination of things: I've had no broadband and have been on the floor for about half an hour fixing my router. This doesn't help the pain. I now need to see if I can get my alarm to run with it, and also my cordless handsets. I've always preferred software to hardware, especially when the latter is at ground level! I've been doing some sorting out of things at home and am feeling overwhelmed. I know it is little by little - the problem arose over years and I can't fix it all in one day. I need to get ready for the boiler before long.

I'm still shocked because on Saturday night my beautiful 'adopted' rat. Lucky, collapsed and died in my hands. After vet surgery, I thought she was breathing rather rapidly and her breathing was slightly squeaky. She wouldn't eat, and I had just bought some nuggets. I knew I'd just be told to give her some Baytril - I have a good relationship with my vet. I'd been taking some atrocious photos of her being kissed, but gave her the Baytril - I had to syringe it in as she wouldn't take it on food - and she just collapsed and couldn't be resuscitated. She had had three good weeks with me, after her restricted life, but it is devastating that it was so short,

I must work on what I have to do systematically and avoid procrastination or just wanting to escape. The mindfulness-CBT course begins next month. I'm sure my psychiatrist and GP underestimate how bad I can get. The financial problems are so difficult, there just isn't a way round that. I can manage the New Year Retreat but not the dearer Christmas Houseparty, which is further away. I can help at the Salvation Army on Christmas day, but everyone will be with family at other times. It's so hard not having family.


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Hi Ann

Sorry about you loosing Lucky , its always very upsetting when someone looses a much loved pet

I admire you going to your shows , the person in question , you are not overly fond of , I would just be polite , say or do what is needed , smile at them & politely say goodbye

I no it can be hard , when you are not over keen on someone , but I find I do come away feeling good when I no I acted in the correct manner (even when maybe I cant stand them )

Everything always seems to come at once & sorry your internet is playing up , another stressful situation , you do well though as I wouldnt no which wire goes where :o

Money can be a struggle for most of us at the moment & i dont even want to think about Christmas , I must admit I like it , but there will be cut back's this year , I havnt any small children , just need to let the adult ones no there is no Santa anymore :D

Again I do admire you helping the Salvation Army out on Christmas Day , shows what a loving , kind hearted person you must be

I try & look at Christmas as another day , where I can spoil myself eating chocolates & watching hopefully some good things on TV & before we no where we are its all back to normal again

You are right , you have made a start with the sorting , but it all cant be done at once , maybe just plan something each day , that you want to achieve & it will slowly get done

I hope your CBT will help when it starts next month :)

Take Care





I'm sorry to hear you've had a death in your little family, it's really hard when you loose a pet.

It always seems to be the case that everything comes at once.

Could you break it down into chunks and deal with one thing at a time ?

I hate confrontation at the best of times, what Whywhy says I think is best, just be polite.

Take care xxxx


Fortunately the person concerned is running the kitchen! I will take most of my food!

I'm watching my little ones playing around. I have three on medication - two who will have it on cake and one has a crushed pill in marzipan! The two little black curly girls are absolutely gorgeous.

I'm a member of the Salvation Army, which is how I can get involved. We may do some carol singing around the homes etc. on Christmas Eve, it's Boxing Day until the 30th that will be hard. Christmas when nursing, and especially at the Mothers' Hospital were so incredibly special - even if I couldn't cope with the fact we always sang "Ding dong merritly on high" on all the staircases! It's hard enough in soprano, but the alto harmony os so different it is impossible!


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