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Hi all, strange one for you, when i was a little girl i split my lip open and it should of had stitches but was never done, since then i have found when im stressed i get little puss filled lumps on my lip only my top lip, i thought it was something to do with my injury but i get told now it could be stress, or low iron levels ?? anyone else had this or a i alone on this one xx Donver

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Hi donver

I have never had this , even though I seem to get most things :-/

But my son gets cold sores & they are related to been run down & stress can be why people get them

Nest time it comes up , I would let my GP see it , it wont be anything serious , but they could give you something to help clear it up once & for all

Let us no how you go on





Sorry I don't get anything on my lips but I do get the odd little white spots on my eyelids. I usually get them when I really run down and they just go away in time. I agree with Whywhy when your next at the drs ask them or the chemist might know

Winter xx


ty both i have shown my doctor before and he just said f it persisted to go to see him, in the past ive had antibiotics that have cleared it up. It could be run down as ive just got over gastroenteritis x ty both again x



I have a cold sore/ ulcer right now...interesting what you say...this time last year I started getting these buggers every month or so then 2 or 3 at a time...I knew it was a sign but I had to plough on - Uni/kids, full on stuff...guess I should have took more notice, maybe it would not have come to anxiety round 2? last batch of medical tests were all clear...all the internet suggest is vitamin b...again with the iron theory - good luck :)

x sam


hi ladysaabra x thats what my doctor said vitamin b12 deficiency which can also trigger u guess anxiety.I have had one blood test and it was normal but they checked me after a course of iron tablets, maybe one day ill get round to them checking again. xx


Hiya......... I believe coldsores are a virus and do tend to rear up when youre low............ they will just run their course but something like zovirax can relieve the sypmptoms if caught early when you get the tingly feeling!!

Hope this helps xx


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