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Morning peeps:)

Feeling ok this morning although, I seem to be semi awake around 3/4 o clock worrying about things. When I actually get up I'm ok and don't really know what I was worried about?! I know I have strange dreams so maybe it's that that is waking me. It just frustrating, I just want a good nice long restful sleep.

Well no good fretting about it, just ignore it:) Off to walk the doggies in a bit then off to get daughter some new trousers for college . Hope you all ok, speak later

Hugs xxx

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Hi yummymummy, what I try and do if I wake up in the night worrying is think well theres absolutely nothing I can do about it now, I will wait till tomorrow when Ive woken up properly and think about it then, I tend to get this first thing in morning g, my mind starts buzzing with all sorts of things, so I say in my head, look just shut up, when Ive had a few coffees, fags and got ready, will think about it then :D

Mimii xx


Yeah I tend to that , telling myself to shut up and doing something else tends to do the trick!! It just gets annoying at times. Xx


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