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Evening :-)

How are u all doing? I had an nice relaxing bath and have watched the soaps and now there finished there's nuthing much else on to watch. Roll on x factor tomorrow night. Then again I mite be going to an Anne summers party round the corner from my moms. I haven't had a good giggle for a long time so I think I will go. I have told my mate I won't be drinking untill I've came off the ADS, and that will be wen I'm ready to. I don't hide my mental health issues from anyone anymore, I'm really open about it now xxx

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Hi Donna

Nice to see you sounding a little more positive this evening :)

I still have loads to watch

Well let us no if you purchase anything if you go tomorrow , suppose it makes a change from Bingo , unless you are going there as well :D





Yeah Im loving sat night X factor, missed it for two years cos the bf didn't like it, So I have re-claimed my sat night now Im single............yahh

And I totally agree about being honest with my mental health, it takes a lot of pressure off!!

Well done mrs..............xx


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