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Sea air makes me feel soo much better!

Hi every1 hope all are well!?,just come on here to say I've just been on the beach sooo peaceful made me feel relaxed and had a thought that we only live once...anxiety is very hard to live with,but we all Gota think positive and try and live each day as its are last!i no easier said then gona go for a walk each day wether you live by the sea or a woodland or some where you find peaceful,try it even if its 10 mins,take deep breaths of fresh no hippie but I feel fresh.also trying hypnotherapy as said in last post start next week.gona do everything to fight this anxiety!! :))

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Hi, I'm so with you there!! I walk dogs for a living mostly in woodland, but you can't beat the sea air!! I always try to get down to the beach at the weekend. You can't beat out door life:)


Oh I so wished I lived near a beach :)

We have woodland , but still maybe its one of those things where you want what you havnt got , but listening to you walking along a beach sounds perfect & I a, glad its helping you feel more positive :)





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