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Dreadful morning anxiety



Can anyone equate with me?

I have been having a bad time with a nervous stomach, do ding it really difficult to eat, no appetite, the more I don't eat the more I can't. But by then the end of the day I have managed to eat something and feel a lot better in the evenings.

Only to be completely defeated in the morning when I wake, my stomach churning, me shaking and having to dash to the loo.....I think I am feeling better, then bam.

Does anyone suffer this, or can anyone explain this. I am spending my whole time crying.

Thank you J x

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I wake up sick most mornings I even have anxiety attacks when sleeping I can have a bad dream and wake up and vomit. I vomit during day because of anxieties.

Funkyfaerie in reply to Hidden

Gosh Paroma,

I am so sorry to hear that it must be awful for you.

I have a severe case of emetophobia a d I caught a stomach bug off kids 6 weeks ago. Since then I have been terrified that I will be ill again and have now got myself and my stomach in an awful state.

Like I said I just about manage to eat a little during the day, feel better and wake in the morning churning and shaking.

Can nothing br find for you? xx

Hidden in reply to Funkyfaerie

I have a child too which brings on more anxieties and im on a lot of different meds iv been like it so long it normal to me, I know its not normal tho.

Yes I have felt like you in the past and I know how horrible it is

For me it was just anxiety causing it and it sounds like it is with you as you say you feel better in the evening when you are probably more relaxed

There is a lovely relaxation video on you tube by Michael Sealey for IBS/sleep that may help you

I used to wake up just like you and learning to relax solved it easier said than done I know

I wish you loads of luck as I know exactly how rotten it is but I got well and you will too

Try keeping a diary too I found that helped me a lot

Take care X

Funkyfaerie in reply to Cat33

Hi Cat33,

Thank you for your reply.

I think I am expecting to feel like this in the mornings now, which isn't helping. Every little thing I manage to eat the day before, that seems a great achievement for me....just dashes through me in the morning. I literally wake up shaking and sweating and my stomach doing overtime.

In the evenings I can feel almost normal and think right tomorrow I will have the strength to get through this and be normal again....Only to be disappointed.

It's happened to me before but not for so long, and I don't know how or why it went. I have lost weight to that worries me, but I know why that is not eating as much. I know I will put it back on.

The docs have given Mr propanol, diazepam which I don't get on with. And some anti nausea pills. But the nausea comes the more you don't eat.

Thanks for the Michael Sealey info, I have listened to him before as I have always has pain and tension in my neck and shoulders and that makes me feel sickly too. But I didn't know he did an IBS/sleep one I will hunt it down.

As you well know on here, it can make you feel a million times better talking to someone who has experienced the same thing. Hope you don't mind if I talk to you?

Thank you J x

Cat33 in reply to Funkyfaerie

Of course I don't mind I know what it's like I can remember when I was really poorly sleeping was so hard Id go off for a couple of hours and then I'd wake up and feel rigid with panic dreading the day starting

Another thing that might help you are Claire Weekes books she is wonderful so comforting You can get them on Amazon I wouldn't be without mine

I remember so well the feeling in the evening and I'd think I'm fine tomorrow will be wonderful only like you to be disappointed

Take it one day at a time don't feel you are alone and I promise you will feel better

Sending a hug x

Cat33 in reply to Funkyfaerie

I also bought Complan food drinks as I couldn't eat I think you can still get them in chemists They kept me healthy until I was able to eat proper food again x

Wow, while reading your anxiety I thought I wrote that, but that's how I am. Am almost scared to go to bed at night I want the normal feeling to stay. I wake up real early sweating, nauseated and have runs, can't go back to sleep and then drag myself through work. Feel like it's the same day over and over again, I am taking wellbutrin and cilatropan

Hi Karenann ,

Sounds completely the same. Sorry you are feeling this way too.

Like you I feel so much stronger I'm the evenings and like you I dread going to bed because I am scared of the mornings.

Churning, sweaty, shaking and yes a run to the loo. It wears me out before the day has started....I know it will go and lots of lovely people on here have given me some good tips and encouragement. I font want anyone feeling I'll, but it makes you feel better to know you are not alone. If

Hi Karenann,

Are you feeling any better at all? How long have you been like this?

I have been like it a month now Every day is misery until I force myself to eat in the evenings. Then when I start to feel normal I wonder what it's all about, but then I too am scared to go to bed and start over.

How do you cope?

Sorry to ask so many questions, but I am in a terrible state.


It's very hard, I keep hoping that each day will be better, I also do allot of deep breathing excersises.i have been like this for a few months now and off and on all year, have never had anxiety this bad before, normally once a year it's gets set off for a week or 2 then it passes.this past year is so bad, have had anxiety for 25 yrs but this is horrible.

I have had anxiety most of my life, two other episodes like this that just seemed to go, but not as bad as this time with so much difficulty eating.

Just time I suppose.

You might laugh, but I thought about sitting g up all night and not sleeping, so that I didn't have that waking up feeling :-)


Hope you feel better soon, just know you aren't alone in the mornings.


I have had that thought as well, wandering if I should stay up.dont think it would though.

Agora1 in reply to Cat33

Anything by Michael Seeley is great listening for relaxation. Soothing voice

Thanks for sharing x

Cat33 in reply to Agora1

I relax as soon as he starts speaking he's my favourite x

Agora1 in reply to Cat33

Same thing Cat33....love his voice :)x

Cat33 in reply to Agora1


Hi I have had the same except I was dry reaching every morning and vomiting up bile. I was so lightheaded and felt like I was going to pass out. I could barely eat anything and felt so weak but the evenings I felt better and could manage a small meal. It started to pass once I started seeing a psychologist. Stay strong xx

Thank you for replying.

I am definitely going to get some talking help.

Crazy but I seem to associate waking up in bed with the horrible churning sensations. So I am goi g to sleep on the sofa tonight and try and break the habit.

Pleased to hear you got through it, thanks for chatting. X

Hi, Many people feel the most anxiety in the morning. No fun! This is a great resource when you are in panic mode (usually helps right away) dareresponse.com/. I recommend the audible. Feel well ASAP! xx

Funkyfaerie in reply to Serena27

Thank you for that Serena.

Yes being brave is very true. I think a lot of us have to push ourselves when we are feeling scared and awful, just to try and be normal.

I know I have been out and tried my best to hide my anxiety from friends and family, I get through the day/evening and when I get home, I think that wasn't too bad, I could do that again. And you feel better about yourself and get braver and braver....

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