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a positive step,:-)

a positive step,:-)

Good afternoon,:-)

Hope everyone are having a good positive day... Ive done alright today.. not WoW but .. baby step good.

Focused on my eating today and yesterday and done really well. Enjoyed time with my family last night, sat playing lego with my lad whilst listening to thunder and lightening.. for some strange reason I find it all very calming. Cooked a delicious dinner along with a yummy apple crumble, and snuggled up watching a movie.

Been for a walk today.. only little out about 10 mins but better than not going out at all, going to meet my lad from school soon too.

Feeling a little more positive,:-)

and cannot wait for snuggles with my monkeychops' <3

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There you go , they sound like quite big steps to me & well done :)

From how you have been sounding to what you are doing now , is a big positive

A 10 minute walk is brilliant , as I no what its like to be stuck in & fear of going out , give yourself some huge praise :)

Enjoy your snuggles with monkeychops :-/





lol thankyou,:-D I do feel better today for it, very hard to get the courage to go out but thinking its now or never and I managed,:-)

Hope your well xxx


Well done ! I am so happy for you ...just a little each day, and when you are ready to really eat look for sticky toffee pudding at Tesco's I use to take drugs until I was given this !! You are capable of doing anything you want.



lol oh sounds lovely I will give it a try ! xxx


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