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Morning :)

Bit late this morning.. Well took my daughter to her first day at college this morning. I was like a swan... All calm and regal on top but underneath I was really panicking for her!! She suffers with anxiety as well, so I had to control myself and breathe! We got there on time did some breathing exercises together before she went in. Just had a text from her, she has made a new friend:) so proud of her, she's been through a lot in her 14 yrs and she has done so well. Hope you guys are ok today, Hugs xxx

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Morning :)

Well done to your both :)

I think your daughter will love college , i no a a lot prefer it to school :)

Hope you can relax now , I do no as Mum , we can worry especially as your daughter has anxiety as well , it must be really hard , but how lucky is she to have a Mum like you that totally understands & has your support & thats going to help her through all this

Let us no later how the rest of her day went & I bet if you havnt already , those dogs might need a walk :-/





Thank you whywhy , you made me smile:) I'm ok , now that I know she has someone to hang around with:) I just got back from walkies:)) speak later, hugs xx


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