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Nice day...but did have a funny 5 mins !!!

So had a nice day went to market got few things ! Took my mum to my sisters and while I was there I just thought OK I need to go now lol just felt a bit weired but got home got kids in bath put tea on and had a bath m self then chilled on my bed catching up on recordings ! Then felt much better think I was just a bit tired really ! Watched a film this afternoon had nice day really apart from that little blip !!! X

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Well done. That shows you that your "normal" self is still there inside you somewhere - It's nice to have that reassurance sometimes when you're going through this anxiety thing, isn't it? Hope you get a good night's rest too.



Thanks :-) its there sometimes lol :-) as long as its there more then not then that's all gd for me lol :-) be asleep soon school run in the morn !!! Have a gd night :-) x


We all have blips and I think most 'normal' people do , it's that we associate our blips with anxiety when I am sure half the time they are 'normal'. Glad you had a great day.... I love markets. Hope tomorrow is good too. xx


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