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oh gosh no!

having a teeny tiny panic, dad brought home some alcohol to drink the both of us but i can't drink atm because of my anxiety, HELP#!!!

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Hello again :)

Well you dont have to drink it if you dont want to do you ?

Just say to your Dad you dont feel like a drink , but you hope he enjoys it

You are sensible not wanting to drink as it can work like a depressant & make us more anxious & depressed & it ok to say no to one

Hope you are ok





i don't want him thinking i'm not normal :'( my dad is a heavy drinker so it's the only way to bond, i'm so confused :/




Oh dear , so your Dad may have a problem , but you have enough problems of your own & I no its your Dad & as daughters we want that bond , but not in a negative way & if you have to drink with him , that isnt right

Is your Mum about , could you have a word with her if she is

Or if your Dad likes a drink , & you just say , I am not over bothered , he might be happy to have it all to his self

Maybe it would be a good idea to see your GP , tell them all this , they wont judge you & its confidential , so they wont tell your Dad , but they will be able to help you



hey there love,

I agree with what Whywhy said alcohol is a depressant and in most cases it only worsens anxiety. I too hide it from my fam, i know how you feel. Stay strong girl, you can get out of it. Keep talking on here, it'll make you feel better to know that you are not alone xxx


okay i guess i could just say i'm not feeling well or something, i agree it does just worsen everything, and hiding it does get so hard they know i have it but i'm their little girl i don't want them to worry or give me simpathy or pitty i just want them to treat me normal so in order to get that i act it. and thank you so much you stay strong as well i'm here also for a chat whenever anyone needs one :) xoxo


Hey again. I've found it hard when out with friends not to drink and I've always regretted it the next day. So you're doing the right thing not drinking. I'm sure your patents will only support you and not pity you if you tell them how you're feeling. I in the past have tried to hide how I'm feeling from family and friends through fear of not being understood or not wanting to put my problems on them. I've found recently that sharing has been a big help and I've gotten nothing but support. Stay strong and and if you feel as though you can't share with your family share on here.

Hope your doing better :)


If they know that you suffer from anxiety could you just say that you've been advised to avoid alcohol by the doctor but you'll happily have tea/coffee/ choccy biccies or whatever? Say you've been reading stuff and it's part of your new health regime ;-)


whywhy, my dad does have a problem, he's been that way since the divorce and no my mum isn't around to talk to and i know it's not my problem to look after him but i have no choice he needs me and i'm not so sure about talking to my GP :s and hey willrich, i don't hide it persay i just don't mention it i don't want to pile on the stress to anybody :/ and blorengia, i've said that before but he forgets and i can't drink caffeen :( thank you all for your support though.


Sam as a Mum , I wouldnt want to think I was a burden to mine & that they had their own problems & then on top of it had to deal with mine as well

I dont want to sound harsh as I can understand just how difficult this is , but if your Dad has a problem , he needs to deal with it & you need to deal with yours , otherwise , this will just keep going round in a circle & you are young & deserve your own life

Your GP , wont judge , they are not there to do that , they should listen & give you any support they possible can & from what you have said , you could do with some hun

Think about it , you do deserve to put yourself first , you are the child here , (adult ) , not the parent

Wish you all the best & I hope you can find the strength to ask for help :)



i'll have a good think about it. thank you. xoxo


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