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Drama school opens had an awfull night fri into sat before work anxioty was bad almost felt like a did when I burnt out this was scary

Lay awake in Fact did not sleep well Friday night with anxiety and at times felt very bad but it passed i was worrying about not being able to do my first day back at work stupid me ( think we all do that )The Enrollment day went very well indeed so should be able to get my money back on track this will help me feel much better as I've not been to the gym and in mindsite I feel that the gym keeps anxioty away so will go today Sunday for a hour and get back to it as they say.

I did have some help on the desk and needed it!! as well felt dizzy with stress but did it !

Treated us to a KFC and went home to have a kip but woke with a bit of a sweat after an hour or so feeling anxiety again ( but not that surprised it was very very stressful)

I put this down to a lack of sleep and the stress of the day anyway my wife and my son and me had a chat and I felt a bit better we watched star trek into the darkness in 3d what a great film ! and distracted me from my feelings anyway just wanted to share all this with you as I think that it was one of those big days we can dread point point here is that I could not find the time all week to go to the gym due to my home and work stuff and if I had I may have dealt with yesterday a little better and indeed if I had been to the gym I might have slept better Friday eve not that it matters I'm in bed right now it's Sunday morning and I've slept well and feel ok again thanks for reading my blog sorry about my lack of grammar lol

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All of the above looks + but that Friday night was bad think I may have had about 3 hours sleep worrying about the first day will all the children all come back ( 1 or 2 did not ) how Many will our Drama school be safe ( it is ) etc etc etc etc stop Anxioty and a bit of panic BUT I BEAT IT the panic it did pass it went and I it might try it on again but I will just breath threw it as I now know it as it is me and my thoughts me thinking out loud .....


Morning Stu

You did well :)

Most of us would be stressed , & you did it as well as got some help on the desk ;)

Dont forget you wre going to ask for help more often as the manager , you can :-/

I no your drama school will be a big success :)

Hope you get to the gym

Have a lovely day :)





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