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Good day

So after being scared of this day it's been actually okay...suns been out so I've opened the balcony door and put out a few washings, then I walked down the road to the Ford dealership and bought myself a new little car. Nothing big just a little A2B type one.

Feel a bit palpy just now but think that's cos I've just sat down, so I'll just try and chill out.

:-) xxx

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Well look at you , we are with balcony & new car , sounds like a good day to me :)

I am pleased you have got through today , I knew you could , you will get used to it

Tell your palps to do one ;)





Well your words of encouragement were also a big part of it. I tell you this site would be lost without you. So don't let anyone drive you away :-) or you might see me freak out lol :-)



I will have to look back at what I said , it was done , with me half a asleep, looking through one eye , glad it worked , it did cross my mind as I was out I wonder what I wrote :D

Erm Ashley , if I left , how would I see or no you had freaked lol just a thought :D



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