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Hi everyone :-)

Hope everyone's ok this morning. I was on my own from half six yesterday evening till three this morning and was fine :-) got all my housework to do once I get out my bed and go to the shop. Plus I've got to go and pay my rent and fetch my nephew from my moms. My sister works Thursday's and Friday's and I have my nephew. Time to have a cuppa and a fag. I really shud stop and start smoking my vapour lol xxx

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Hi Donna,

I've been meaning to get one of those e cigarettes for ages are they any good ?

Mimii :)


Hi Donna, it sounds like you are busy! Have a good day xxx


Oh Donna , you are always sooo busy bless you :)

I have one of those vapor things & I find I am sucking away & not getting much , gave up on it , still have it though , I might have to give it another go

Make sure Donna has a treat at the end of today & well done stopping on your own till 3 this morning , I no how hard that is for you , but slowly I can see you building your confidence & I am really proud of you :)





They r good I know loads of people that have stopped using them :-) I haven't had the will power yet thou to go with it. Whywhy u can get stronger stuff to put in it to satisfying the craving. Maybe u like me need a stronger one to start with? I'm all done and have got my last load of washing in. I've just got my food shop to do after and I can relax. Xxx


Donna , it is the strong one & I still suck on it like there is no tomorrow :D

I am a bit behind today , but will get my backside into gear :-/



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