Hi everyone

Still suffering but managed to go out for sunday dinner then stopped off at a friends BBQ for ten mins to say hello.

I have contacted Charles Linden, he has given me some advise, I cant afford to do his program but I have a better understanding of how anxiety keeps going and how to adjust thought patterns. It's a rough road but one that has to be walked xxx

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  • Hi LM

    Glad you had a nice day out , Sunday lunch sounds very nice :)

    Well good luck with what ever way you choose to deal with your anxiety hun , I hope it works for you :)




  • Thanx whywhy, it was a bit of a struggle but better than doing nothing :) xxx

  • Main thing is hun , You did do it , you have been pushing yourself all week , which is hard when we feel as we do , I have noticed ;)

    So good for you


  • :) xxx

  • Hi LM

    I hope this works for you, i did look at it, but was not in favour of not being able to talk to anybody about it for support, and not to see a Doc. From what i saw i think the idea is that you have to starve anxiety of as much thought as you can, and move on through it. I wish you all the very best with it. And hope it works for you.

    Also glad you had a nice day out




  • Thanx Bonnie, I have to cure myself and will take any and all steps to do so xxx

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