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Morning all :-)

Well I'm not exactly up I'm actually lieing in bed, thinking of getting up and making myself a cup of tea :-) I'm not letting anything bring me down today. My eldest as got football this afternoon with the youth club so I'm thinking of taking the little one to the ball park. I'm going to ask my sister if she wants to come as well with my nephew. I just want to take him off the Xbox for a few hours as its no good for him. A so Monday my youngest is back at school and on the Tuesday my eldest starts high school. I have got to his blazer and shoes and all of the youngest uniform. So at some point I've got to go to asda. Anyway enuf chatting off me I'm going to do my cuppa I'm thinking about xxx

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Morning donna

You made me laugh Morning all ...well Im not exactly up :D

Nice to see you relaxing , hope you have had that cup of tea now :)

The holidays have gone quick , you talking about school already :o

Good for you having the attitude that no one will spoil your day :)

Hope you son wins this afternoon , are you looking forward to getting his kit nice & clean after , my OCD used to give me pride when I used to get all the grass stains & mud out of my sons when he use to play :D

Hope you have a lovely day hun





I am as soon as he gets back it will be in the wash :-) I've had a cup of tea, been to the shop so I've going to change my beds while it's nice outside. Then go and pay my rent and off to take the youngest out sumwhere. Plus I've got to feed my zoo ;-) xxx


You are on a roll donna , quick up & of :)

I am not sure maybe beds today , or I hear rest of week is going to be nice so maybe tomorrow

Feed your zoo :D


P.S bedding is in washer , nice day , so I have been whizzing round as well :)


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