Hi everyone I'm Katie and for the past two years have suffered with really bad anxiety. It's got to the point where my partner has to do everything outside the house as I can't leave. The doctor has put my sertraline up to 150mg and I'm still waiting to see a doctor to talk about what's going on. Has being put up 150mg help you and did u see any side affects? I just want to get better now and enjoy my life with my kids and be able to take them Park but at the moment I can't even walk out my front door. Thanks


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  • Have you tried cbt? Also there's a book called dare! Have a read it's amazing he'll teach you to overcome anxiety :) x

  • Hi, who writes this book? It sounds interesting x

  • Barry McDonough 👍 X

  • Hi another tip I use is to keep a journal and nite down everything so you can spot triggers and see improvement , why don't you google mindfulness and start practising it slowly I heard it really helps , good luck

  • Hi. I'm really sorry you are feeling this's way I suffer from agoraphobia as well, I'm usually secluded to my room... I have taken the same medicine your on and it was used In combination wit klonopin which treats panic disorder. I know it seems Like Itll never get better, but it will... Stay strong and also ask your doc about anti anxiety medications...

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