Sertraline/zolaft question?

Im 18 and on zoloft for ocd. Have been for almost a month, been having awful side effects. Just went from 25 mg to 50, been on 50 a week taking in morning. Side effects seem worse with 50. Does it get better? Side effects:

Shaky hands/Legs, dizziness, nausea, appetite loss, waking up after about 3 hours of sleep and not being able to sleep again, night sweats, chest discomfort, lethargic zombie-ish feeling, realistic dreams (throughout the day i wonder if what happened in dream really happened.) has anyone experienced this? Do i switch medications or wait? It hasnt made my ocd rituals cease, maybe even worse.

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  • Try and wait if you can. I had a lot of side effects and a lot of them that you mention. Mine really settled after about 6 days so try and hold out. They do die down :)

  • Thank you!

  • Hello

    Side effects usually do get better it can take a few months sometimes before you settle down & adjust to them but if you are really not happy have a word with your doctor as they might change the meds or reassure you

    You are young & I notice you have ocd ...I have ocd I started with it years ago I am not as young as you & have just started therapy for it after suffering over 30 years so well done doing something about it now & I sincerely wish you all the best overcoming this you will & can do it :-) x

  • Thank you for your comment, I appreciate that!! All the best to you. :) Ocd is so hard.

  • Ive been on Zoloft since 1999. It has been the most effective drug Ive used. Im on 200 before bed, wait because your anxiety problem can cause the same symptoms. I take it for depression and panic disorder. Just hang on and see if you settle down a bit, if not then talk to your doctor.

  • I too took sertraline had sweats shake s dizzy no appetite made me also have terrible acid did ease off a little after 3 months im now completely off all medicine still have odd days though stick with it a little longer if you can

  • Zoloft gave me a lot of side effects. None of them were dangerous but I felt I couldn't take it and weaned off with my dr's advice. But I have no relief now. If you can get through it, while every drug is not for every person, I know zoloft is a huge help to many.

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