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Morning everyone :-)

Hope u all have a good day :-) I've got up and had to move table and chairs out of kitchen as my bro in law coming anytime now to do my lino in there. Then I'm going to clean up and go to bingo. OH at his mom's tonight so I'm going to mine about 9ish. My dad's taking my eldest son fishing on Sunday morning, he hasn't been for ages so he's really looking forward to it xxx

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.you are busy, have a good day. I am going to push myself to go swiming


Morning donna

Thats good news then , you are getting your lino , I no you have been waiting some time , i bet it will look lovely when its done

I no how much you like your Bingo , hope you win this week :)

Thats nice of your Dad taking your eldest fishing , hope weather stays nice for them





Thanks Donna:) Enjoy your day too.


Dear Donna,

I hope that the Lino is done nicely. I also wish you well with Bingo.

warmest regards,

Marcus xxx


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