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I've used the Bach rescue remedy for 2 days now. I don't know whether or not it's that or me, but either way I've had minimal stress. I am still way over thinking but my body doesn't seem to be reacting as much.

Managed to sleep last night without taking a sleeping pill, woke twice but I did it. I did take kalms sleep, again don't know whether they helped or it was me. Either way I don't care.

Feeling a little anxious as my husband has gone into work 1st time in 2 weeks but I'm trying to keep busy.

Have a good day all. Xx

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Hi Loo

I agree with you ,it could be what you are taking that is working , it might be mind over matter , but which ever one , it doesnt matter if its working for you :)

Going to that meeting last night & knowing there is help there for you could have all helped as well

Hubby will soon be home , even though I no having that security can be a good feeling , but I no you will cope , keep doing what you are doing it seems to be working :)

Hope you have a lovely day





Yes it's strange him not being here but I have to get back into routine without him. I think the meeting helped I just need to find time to listen to the disc yhey gave.

Have a great day whywhy hope your good and thanks for all your kind words xxx


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