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how it is now

been seven months now since i took ill, done the e.n.t. say sinus are fine, numbness still in left side of head and face, on amitriptilne 50 mg for nerve pain,got another nasal spray last week, think its working as heads not as sore, touch wood,lol. trying to live as normal but when your nut feels burst, its a struggle to remember what normal is.neurology next for me to see if they can work out my prob. keep the faith. xx

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Mine is mostly right hand side, pain is really bad sometimes but I have neck problems and I think mine stems from that.Have had sinuses checked and ears nose and throat camera all clear.


thanks for that, job doesnt help, been strainin neck for 25years at work, never had a problem, it cracks a bit but i always want to pop my ears at left side, strange sensation, but many thanks for your reply.


Hi painterman

I seem to have alot of your symptoms , the numbness & ear etc

They never seem to have come up with an answer for me , so even though I dont like to hear you are suffering , I hope you keep us updated , as I will be interested if you get one

Take Care





many thanks for you kind words, i will keep all up to date. x


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