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Hart monitors !

Hi just wondering if anyone has ever had to wear a heart monitor for 24 hours before ??? Iv been getting palpitation for a while now so have to have this in September just to make sure its the anxiety and nothing else ! Just wonted to c wot it will b like ! Been getting sum pains round my hart just hoping it is the anxiety !!! Any one else get this ? Thanks Stacey :-) x

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Hi Stacey

I used to have palps , then after years of believing I was having a heart attack , my anxiety moved on to other things

Alot of people with anxiety seem to have this problem & have had them on & all been fine , I am sure you will be to & then hopefully it will give you that peace of mind you need

My hubby had one on though , he used to get a double heart beat (doesnt suffer with anxiety )

It was just little sticky pads on his chest , a tiny little box , & he didnt feel a thing , I think it bothered me more than him

It came back that he did have a double heart beat but nothing to worry about , they said even sports people get it & he went on beta blockers , not that he had to ,was his choice , but he wanted to & now it has gone back to normal

I am sure you will be OK , but please come on here as I no it can make you feel anxious & keep talking , we will try & help support you

Let us no how you go on





Thanks whywhy its not brill is it ! Iv had it for ages now but the last week or so I'm getting little pains to ? Have u had it like that to ? When I first got palps I too fault wot the hell !!! Just come from no where !!! I got use to them but know with getting pains now and then I'm starting to worry about it all again !!! Ahhhhh so annoying isn't it ! Thanks for your help and support means a lot :-) x


Yes hun

I used to get the palps , like a sensation that butterflies were chasing around my heart , pains digging in & even pains going down my arms , I spent years convincing myself I was having a heart attack , even though looking back , I no now they dont go on that long

They didnt offer all this then & I think it was only after years of nothing happening I seemed to put that one down & then my anxiety started moving on to other things

It is annoying & we are so focused in on what are heart is doing , the fear makes them happen even more

I also used to get one big thud as well , feeling it was coming out of my chest

I no its hard to believe that anxiety can give us these symptoms , like said took me years to accept it , but once I did they slowly started to stop

I am sure once they give you the all clear & you no its fine yours will fade away to



Its crazy isn't it !!! I know its the anxiety really its just u can't help but think all sorts can u ! Like I said I don't have it till September but will let u know how it gos. :-) all gd I hope real big thanks again take care speak soon x


It can be a viscious circle - you worry about the heart monitor and the new pains you're feeling and this just makes you more worried so you get even more anxious. If your GP thought there was anything seriously wrong he/she would have done something more drastic by now. Anxiety can make you feel all kinds of things, including the symtoms you are experiencing. If you walk for say a mile and you then start getting chest pain to some degree then there might be something to worry about, but my guess is your symptoms of anxiety are just increasing because you are worrying to much over the upcoming heart monitor.


hi stacey i had same symptoms had a 24hr moniter fitted took about 5 min painless just couple of sticky pads on chest and like a small cassete cliped to my belt nothing to worry about at all

also had heart scan again painless same scan as when your pregnant but on your heart


Thanks everyone x


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