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I know this is a bit off limits as it were, but it really annoys me that Anxiety UK are using an 0844 number for their helpline. This costs about 6.5p a minute plus a connection charge of 13p - thats means a 20 minute call costs at least £1.43. The 0844 numbers are not included in call deals like 0845 or 0870 numbers are so they can't be included in your phone package. Also the alternative landline number of 0161 227 9898 has now been blocked. Does anyone know an alternative landline number for Anxiety UK? When I asked them why they are using an exclusive 0844 number they just said that its up to management. I think its not fair to squeeze ££'s out of callers who often are on a tight enough budget as it is. Needless to say this just adds to anxiety.

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Heya, I find this very irritating as well as I'm always scrapped for cash so need to stay in the limits of my mobile contract. I don't know an alternative number for them but I've also tried the 0161 number and found it just rings and rings with no answer.

I don't suppose you've ever tried Sane? Their helpline is an 0845 but the alternative number is 020 7375 1002, which I've rung on a couple of occasions. They're not professionals by any means but they're always really nice people who are just there to listen and talk you through things. They also have a database so can look for support groups in your area or just other helplines if you don't find them helpful. Website here if you're interested: I hope this helps!


Hi hvr1 - thanks for the reply. I got the landline number from this site which is really useful for finding alternative numbers:-

Also if you have an android phone this app is amazing for finding alternative numbers to all the 08 numbers so you can call with inclusive minutes or at regular per min charge. It also queue's for you where you are asked to wait at no extra charge to you:-

I may try the Saneline number in future if I reach the point where I need to talk to someone - you never know. Thanks again.


Love that site! excellent - It always helps when companies put 0844, 0871, etc, etc!


Ah great, I'll definitely be downloading the app. Thanks for that. Hope you don't get to that point but they're really kind if you do need someone : ]


Anxiety UK would like to reply to this by saying first of all we fully appreciate the cost can be off putting for some people. However, we would like to make it clear that we do not make any money from this at all, the income is kept by the telecoms provider to help us maintain the virtual call centre which is needed to operate the helpline, without it there would be no helpline service.

We would also add that we have numerous alternative communication channels including email and instant messaging support which are available to access free of charge. Additionally, on occasions where we have received calls from individuals who have been in distress but couldn’t afford to stay on the line, we have always offered to call back.

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