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thought i would give this a try

Hey everyone,

I have had bouts of anxiety over the years, they always go away but i'm in the middle of one right now and just thought talking to others who understand might help....

My biggest annoyance to be honest is that it sets off ibs type stuff with my stomach which makes work really annoying as im running to the loo lots.... anyway im not shy about that, when you gotta go you gotta go hey!

Also does anyone else find mornings are more difficult? In the evenings i chill out with my boyfriend and get all relaxed and sleepy and get to sleep fine then Boom, at about 5 or 6 (i'm not usually an early riser) im awake and my heart is pounding! drives me nuts as for a split second when i wake up i'm ok then my brain kicks in and takes me crazy places worrying...

so thats me...


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Generally don't have problems getting to sleep but do wake up very early when things are getting too much so you are not alone in that.

Sorry to hear about the ibs.


Hi & Welcome

A lot of us that suffer with anxiety seem to have stomach problems

I think as we are so anxious we tend not to digest our food very well , causing this problem , if you are worried see your GP , you could have IBS & there are meds you can take to help with this if you feel you cant cope

I am not a Morning person myself either , so I tend to change my routine which helps a little

I do relate to the brain waiting for you when you wake up , I am sure mine sits on the end of the bed & as soon as my eyes open , says morning , now are we not suppose to be worrying

It takes practice , but now I tell it to go away , I am not listening & the more you do , it has less control over us & fear that comes with it becomes less

Keep talking on here , people do understand & you will get lots of suggestions from others & how they deal with it & it really does help to no you are not alone





Hello Silver.

I also hate how anxiety triggers digestive trouble, though I tend to get constipated near constant...I think I'm starting to come through my current bout with anxiety ( since Feb ) but I think I would have started recovering far quicker if I did not the nausea from the digestive slow down to deal with - the problem is the anxiety and digestive things just seem to feed off each other, really annoying

good luck

x sam


Hi Silver, I suffer exactly the same way, the mornings are terrible and it eases in the're not alone xxx


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