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Bad night to begin with last night

Went to bed last night after watching tango and cash. Whole watching the film I did feel abit anxious. I got on bed and had tingling, adrenlin, abit of a dizzy and foggy head feelings. Also pains in the top part of my body. I haven't felt that bad with it for months. It was horrible. I needed to take my mind off it as even thou I new it was anxiety my mind was telling me it was something worse. Rather then let it get to me and start fighting it I searched in my bedside draw for my head fones to my fone. Wen ever I had anxiety before I wud put my head fones in and lie there listening to music to take my mind off it. We'll last night I found it really hard to take my mind off it but I tried my best to just let it be and it worked after a good while.

I know that wen im feeling anxious and have got the symptoms to go with wat I have to do. It doesnt always work but most the time it does. 1 - I have a nice warm bubble bath with candles around the bathroom as it feels more relaxing then having the light on. I sometimes have carming music running thou my fone but depends on wat mood I'm in. 2 - if I still feel really anxious wen I get in bed I listen to my music. I try not to fight my anxiety but it doesn't always happen as at times I can't help but to fight it. 3 - I talk to my anxiety. I tell it that it can be with me, and that if its going to be with me we might as well be friends. Its something I do to stop myself from letting it get to me to much xxx

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Dear Donna81,

I am sorry to read that you struggled or had a hard time last night. You have been very supportive to me in the past on here and I hope that you have a better night tonight.


Marcus xxx


Hello Donna

Sorry you didnt have a good night hun

Hope you had a better day

I no you no its anxiety & no everything that goes with it , but just wanted to say I care & am thinking about you :)





Hi donna, sorry to here you had a bad night with it.

Hope you have a better night tonight, and a great day tomorrow. :)




Thank u all of u I really appreciate it. I have felt anxious on and off all day. I know that if I didn't have this fear for medication I wudnt feel like this. Im putting it down to the time of month and the not taking my medication right. I have took it 3 nights in a row now and I am pushing the fear to the back of my mind xxx


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