I had my SBI 50 years ago and really struggled to cope (without any help) for the first 10 years after I gradually coped with life with the occasional back slide.

About 3 months ago after the death of a close friend I have being having flashbacks of what I went through during those first 10 years and can't relax is this normal ?

I am receiving treatment from my GP at the moment at last


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  • Hello dillm

    Sorry you've been having a rough time lately, glad your gp is helping now though.

    Hate to show my ignorance but I don't know what SBI is so cannot comment on that.

    Do take care


  • Severe brain injury

  • Ah I see, thank you.

    Well I can only re-iterate what whywhy said I think it's a perfectly normal reaction to a very stressful event.

    A number of years ago I had ptsd. Although I was lucky enough to get good help some situations or events can still send me back there. I think it's the feelings, if you feel something similar to then, it triggers the memory & takes you back. But in my own experience this doesn't last.

    I do hope you feel better soon


  • Hi & welcome

    I would say that is normal , something so traumatic as loosing a friend can start things back of we had learnt to let go of

    I am glad you are getting help from your GP

    Keep coming on & talking , that helps to :)




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